The Langham: Sydney

The Langham Hotel, Sydney recently completed a renovation and its just real, real pretty. I'd definitely endure that 16 hour plane ride for a few nights at this place: the Harbour view outside your window, three gorgeous restaurant options, and even a 'pampered pets' program. I might never leave. 

The Grand Foyer: 

The Ballroom Lobby: 

Suites & Accommodations:  

Dining Spaces: 

Possibly my favorite space, the Chef's Tasting Table: 



Weekend Reading: "The Rosie Project"

I needed to rest this weekend. Although I didn't manage to make quite enough time for it as I should have, I was smart enough to get myself a book which usually keeps me on the couch at least for awhile. I started and finished Graeme Simsion's first novel The Rosie Project in less than 48 hours and enjoyed every minute of it! 

If you love The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper, you'll love this book's main character, Don Tillman, just as much or (dare I say) more. A genetics savant, schedule-following, socially unaware professor who doesn't know it but likely sits on the autism spectrum, Don decides its time to find a wife. With the "Wife Project" fully underway, a mistaken applicant (Rosie) walks into his life and turns his order into chaos. 

As Don and Rosie work together to solve her genetics mystery, Don finds himself having the best days of his life since his pre-teen years at New York's Museum of Natural History (which previously held all top three spots of life's best days). Although not sure if he is able to feel love, Don inadvertently makes a pretty good boyfriend, and maybe more...  

The Rosie Project is a beautifully written novel with a fresh take on the genetic variant that is Asperger's syndrome, the benefits of unlikely relationships, a willingness to change oneself and the joy that can bring. 

And I already downloaded its sequel - The Rosie Effect

Check out a real book review on The Rosie Project here

- CMD 


March: The Dusty Spring

Spring is ALMOST here. March feels like the 'dusty' spring. Like its trying to come out of winter, shaking off all the snow and cold as we head into April. March feels fresh (we had 70 degree temps yesterday!) but is still a little subdued, a little quiet as we wait for Spring to truly arrive. 

Check out these things this March: 

(The Luminary has been added!)
(watch the blossoms bloom through a photographer's eyes)
(a preview to their annual wine auction)